About Beacon Commerce

We’re an Amazon marketing agency helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals on Amazon through expert product strategy, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and full account management services.

We also offer one-on-one coaching sessions for Amazon sellers with our founder Don Thompson.

Our mission is to help you outshine, outsmart and outperform on Amazon to win more customers, grow profitably and maximize your return on investment.

Why Beacon Commerce?

We specialize in helping startups and small- and medium-sized businesses reach their full potential on Amazon, the world’s largest marketplace, while expertly navigating all the risks.

You’ll understand if Amazon is right for your brand, the size of the market opportunities that await, and what’s required to compete, grow and achieve your ambitions.

Say good-bye to stress and time wasted struggling with the Amazon seller learning curve. We manage the risks and optimize all the factors – product placement, packaging, pricing and promotion – so your brand grows and you profit.

Beacon Commerce is a verified Amazon Ads partner and a member of the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) and Food & Beverage Atlantic.

We work in partnership with business accelerators and other organizations to deliver Amazon education, training and customized consulting services. Learn more about Beacon partnership opportunities.

Don Thompson, Beacon Commerce founder

Dajana Pavlovic
Brand Manager

Don Thompson, Beacon Commerce founder

Monica Scott
Brand Manager

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Our Values

We tell it like it is: we’re transparent, candid and honest. Data is our guiding light.

We’re respectful and collaborative: as your strategic business partner, your success is our success.

We’ve always got your back: we eliminate Amazon hassles and pitfalls, freeing you to grow with confidence.

We’re creative: we experiment and iterate to discover new ways to set your brand apart.

We’re fun to work with: why not enjoy the ride on your way to the top?

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