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Start with your FREE Amazon seller opportunity forecast:

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We help entrepreneurs smoothly navigate Amazon’s choppy (and shark infested!) waters to reach new customers and find success.

Data is our guiding light

We bring a data-centric mindset to power your Amazon seller strategy and decision-making for sales growth that actually makes you money. You’ll know exactly where you stand, all the time, as your brand takes flight.

Ingenuity + integrity

Anyone can throw money at Amazon ads, but that’s not enough for you to win. To break through the noise as an Amazon seller you need the best advice and strategy for your brand and products. Our holistic approach helps you grow profitably at a pace that’s right for you.

We’re fun to work with too! Why not enjoy yourself on the way to the top?

Don Thompson, Beacon Commerce founder

Beacon Commerce founder Don Thompson

Beacon Commerce Blog

Amazon seller insights, tips and resources to grow your business profitably:

How to sell on Amazon (without losing money or your sanity)

How to sell on Amazon (without losing money or your sanity)

Trying to break in to the Amazon marketplace as a new seller can seem daunting—especially if you're a small business with an equally small budget. We get it! As a small business it is always a challenge to stand out and compete, especially against bigger, more...

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Holiday hacks for Amazon sellers

Holiday hacks for Amazon sellers

Another holiday season is upon us, and Amazon sellers aiming to reap the rewards of Black Friday and Cyber Monday must plan carefully to manage their profitability during the annual shopping frenzy. Why? Because no matter how much customers love your product, everyone...

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Pay attention to these 5 factors to win the buy box on Amazon

Pay attention to these 5 factors to win the buy box on Amazon

To be successful as an Amazon seller, you need to “win” the buy box – meaning that your product must show up in the white box on the right-hand side of the Amazon product page where customers can click to “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart”. Approximately 80% of all Amazon...

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“Running Amazon on your own is a beast, and you have to have somebody who understands what they're doing. Don and the Beacon team are worth every penny.”

Aeryon Ashlie

Founder, Aeryon Wellness

“I know for a fact, hands down, that with Don and team on board I have had more growth than I would otherwise have seen and my costs to get that growth were absolutely slashed …They just absolutely annihilate with the advertising on Amazon.”

Jennifer Pratt

CEO Seeding Square

“Don and his team are fantastic to work with: he has a ton of experience and understands the inner workings of Amazon, he knows the different routes to take and things to try, and he’s been really good at laying a very factual foundation for us to base decisions on.”

Kelsey Gemmill

Co-Founder Sweet Monk

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