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Level the playing field: Boost your small business with the Amazon badge

Jul 31, 2023

Many consumers want to support small businesses if and when they can. The Small Business badge on Amazon helps these customers easily identify and choose products from small businesses when making buying decisions. For Amazon Sellers who are also small business owners, earning this badge can significantly enhance visibility, credibility, and customer trust. 

This blog post explains the process of obtaining the Small Business badge on Amazon and how Amazon Sellers can benefit from it.

What is the Amazon Badge and how does it benefit small businesses?

The Small Business badge on Amazon is a designation that appears on product listing pages to confirm that the product is from a small business brand. (See images at top and right).

How do you qualify for the Small Business badge? 

To earn the Small Business badge on Amazon, your business must meet specific eligibility criteria. The main requirements are:

  • having a Professional Amazon seller account (see Amazon sellers plans)
  • being registered as a brand owner in the Amazon Brand Registry, and 
  • being a small business according to Amazon’s definition – usually this means having fewer than 100 employees or generating less than $50 million in annual revenue.

How to get an Amazon Small Business badge

Contact Amazon Seller Central support and provide your:

  • business brand and company name
  • business address
  • merchant token ID

Amazon may require further verification, which will require you to share a DUNS number with them.  This can be obtained very easily from  Within minutes, you will have your 9-digit number to share with seller support to have the badge applied in approximately 72 hours.

Benefits of the Amazon Small Business badge

A mark of authenticity and local roots 

Earning the Small Business badge helps convey your business’s authenticity and local connections to customers. It allows you to highlight your commitment to your community, emphasize the unique aspects of your products or services, and differentiate yourself from larger, more impersonal sellers. Customers often appreciate supporting small businesses, and the badge serves as a visual cue for them to do so.

Better visibility and discoverability

The Small Business badge makes your brand more visible on Amazon’s vast marketplace. When customers filter their search results to view products exclusively from small businesses, your products will appear prominently. This enhanced visibility can lead to increased exposure, improved click-through rates, and ultimately earn higher sales for your business.

Enhanced customer trust and loyalty

Customers value transparency and authenticity. The Small Business badge helps you build trust by signalling that your business is legitimate and has been vetted by Amazon. Customers often feel more confident purchasing from small businesses, knowing that their purchase directly supports local economies and independent entrepreneurs. The badge fosters a sense of loyalty and encourages repeat business from customers who prioritize supporting small businesses.

A richer customer experience

Do you offer unique and niche products that may be hard to find elsewhere? The Small Business badge draws attention to the diversity of products available from small sellers like yourself, enabling customers to discover a wider range of offerings. This badge can attract customers seeking novel and distinct products, contributing to a richer and more varied customer experience on Amazon.

Maximizing the value of Amazon Small Business badge

Stand out from competitors

Earning the Small Business Badge provides small businesses with an additional marketing and promotion tool. Feature the badge in your promotional materials, such as product listings, social media posts, and email campaigns, to communicate your status as a small business and highlight the benefits of supporting local entrepreneurs. This badge can help you stand out from competitors and create a positive brand image.

Engage with the small business community

The Small Business Badge fosters a sense of community among small business owners on Amazon. Engage with other small businesses through forums, social media groups, and networking events. Collaborate on cross-promotions, share insights, and support one another. This sense of camaraderie further strengthens the customer experience by encouraging customers to explore and discover products from a tight-knit community of small businesses.

Small businesses can reap considerable rewards from using the Small Business Badge on Amazon. Not only will you distinguish your brand from larger competitors on Amazon but it’s an easy way to become more visible and attractive to buyers, while conveying that you have unique products and a unique backstory. Use it as one more tool in your marketing toolkit to build long lasting relationships with customers who value brands like yours.

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